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Such monitoring option is more secure for wildlife activists. Especially when dealing with dangerous poachers and tracking their crimes “from above”.
It’s much easier to monitor them from the air with such unmanned vehicles. Particularly considering how vast African territories are. Inline with drones usefulness, nobody can deny how important deliveries are for our life. With drones, pizza, gadgets or even medicine delivery can easily extend to remote, distant locations!

 Did you know, that drones can oversee thousands of acres of farmland in just one flight.

Observing irrigation water systems and the state of the crop has never been easier. And using special thermal cameras with infrared vision can reveal plants’ diseases to farmers. Though, useful and fun ways on how to use drones don’t end there.

When aerial drones first hit the commercial market a few years ago, it was hard to imagine how popular they will become. But in 2016, UAVs (drones) are being used by amateurs and professionals alike. Drones are now employed in a wide array of industries, professions, and even hobbies. So let’s start with farming.It’s a good starting point to describe how drones revolutionize traditional processes. Because farming recently saw a drastic increase in these sUAS (small unmanned aerial vehicles) usage.

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